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Eternity Matters

Of course we should love our enemies, just as Jesus commanded.  But real love isn’t patronizing and indulgent, it is having their long-term best interests at heart.

And we need to simultaneously love the victims of our enemies because they are our neighbors as well.

The “Christian” Left pro-abortion / pro-LGBTQX extremists are obviously the ideological enemies of Christians.  So we need to love them and pray for their conversions.  But we should never stop fighting their evils.  Over 3,500+ human beings — our neighbors — are killed each day because of them.  School children are taught all sorts of perverted things each day because of them.  Religious freedoms, freedom of speech and parental rights are lost because of them.  And so much more!

So loving your enemies doesn’t mean ignoring their sinful agenda and their countless victims.  We need to love God first and speak his truth.

Galatians 4:16…

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