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Confused Christians

I was speaking with my father the other day and I mentioned to him that I felt like Christians today were confused. What do I mean by that? Well, we are not on the same page. We are confused about the approach to take with others. We are confused about what is right and wrong. So what does the Bible say about confusion? Let’s check!

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches 1 Corinthians 14:33″

Right there, the Bible says that confusion is not of God. He is clear in his word. It’s not God that creates the confusion, but his adversary.  Satan!  However, we as Christians fall prey to God’s enemy because we fail to  shield with the weapon that we have been provided . Yes, God gave us a weapon. The Bible! Rather than reading the Bible and taking it as a whole, we allow outsiders to pick out parts and distort the true meaning of what is being said. We believe people who have no relationship with Christ. Whose goal is to disprove what we believe in favor of what they desire to be the truth. Why do we do that? Why do we allow our view of God to be determined by people who have no view of God or a distorted one? First of all,can someone determine what a book is about by reading one line in it? For instance, there is a verse in the New Testament that if taken as literally as it sounds, could be viewed as canabalism.

“Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him.” John 6:56

Is Jesus asking people to literally eat of his flesh and drink of his blood? Absolutely not! Jesus refers to himself as the “bread of life.” He wants people to soak up what he is saying to them so that they may have eternal life.In other words, his ways. There is a deeper meaning to that verse that Chrisians understand. However, what tends to happen is a non-christian with an objective to find fault in the word will cherry pick that verse out and tell people “The Bible says to eat flesh. I wont follow something that tells people to eat flesh!” Someone will hear them and say “Those Christians are disgusting. How can they be a part of something that tells people to eat flesh?” Then it is the game of telephone. No one is actually going in and looking for the true meaning. They are searching for something to discredit and reaffirm what THEY believe. The fact of the matter is, people want to live in their sin. They are constantly finding excuses to do so. So much so that they will exploit and remain ignorant to the true meaning of the word, rather than to research it for themselves. I cannot tell you how many posts I have read on social networking sites that mock the Bible. What I see though is not truth. I see verses of the Bible taken completely out of context. I would say that the portion of the Bible exploited the most would be the chapter Leviticus. In the book of Exodus, God gave Moses 10 commandments for his people. Why did he give them commandments? Because these were the things that would cause his people harm. Stealing, killing, infidelity, wanting what others have, worshipping false God’s. How can worshipping a false God be harmful you might ask. Well, false God’s do not hear your prayers. They are man made objects. God hears your prayers. He can do something. He can deliver people from their troubles if they allow him. So praying to something that cannot deliver you can be harmful. He gave these commandments to set “HIS” people apart from those who served his adversary, Satan. What happens when someone is murdered or cheated on, stolen from? Destruction! Interesting, because the Bible says that

“The thief (SATAN) comes to steal and kill and DESTROY.” John 10:10

So anything that destroys must stem from none other than “the theif.” So God created these laws and asked his people to abide by them so that they would not be destroyed. There’s that word again. However, we also see in Exodus that God’s people rebelled. When you live outside of God’s will, there are consequences. However, know that living outside of his will is a choice that YOU have made. Even so, God still created ways for us to be forgiven of our sins starting in the Old Testament. He asked for sacrifices and did not accept those that were done shipshod (half-hearted). If he said the sacrifice was to be a goat, it had to be one without blemish. So people will look at that and say “Well, God asked for sacrifices of goats then, but he doesn’t now. So let’s disregard that part of the Bible” They missed it! It is true that God does not ask us to sacrifice goats. Why? Because when his son Jesus came to earth, he died to cover our sins so that we would no longer have to sacrifice animals. Jesus IS the sacrifice. During his life on earth, he was without blemish just as the goats/lambs sacrificed in the Old Testament. So instead of sacrificing a goat every time we sin, God had Jesus come to cover ALL sins as long as you repent of the sin. That is all he asks us to do is apologize and turn away from the sin. So the principle still stands that we needed a sacrifice. God’s love for us is so grand that he does not want to see any of us destroyed. So he made things a little easier for us. He never said “You can go ahead and do whatever you want now.” No! He recognized that we struggle with sin. He recognized that we needed his grace and gave it to us through a Savior. So no, we do not disregard the Old Testament. We look and see WHY God asked his people to do those things. In many cases, he asked them to do things that would set them apart from followers of evil.
In conclusion, if you look through the Bible unbiased, you will find the answers you are looking for. IF and only if you are searching for the truth. If not, than you will do like many others and cherry pick the answer that suits what you want to believe is true.

So getting back to the “confusion.” Stop relying on what others says to determine your views. Read what the Bible says. Do your own unbiased research. Don’t just take my word for it, but find out on your own. If you really believe something to be right, than what harm could research do? On the contrary, if it proves you are wrong, than just consider that a new light is shining in a once dark area of your life. The saying that not everyone can be right rings true. However, someone IS right. Find out if that someone is you. My preacher at church said something that really struck a cord with me. He said to “Remember that not everyone is as seasoned in their walk as others.” He also reminded me that I might be the person who is not seasoned. I might be the person who needs corrected. Allow it! Allow others to correct you. Yes we all want to be right, but sometimes we’re just not! Let God correct you using your brother. We are all working towards the same goal here. Don’t let “correction” divide us. It’s Biblical.

“Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.” 2 Timothy 4:2



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