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I remember being a little girl and having such a love of people. I didn’t want to hurt them, or be hurt by them. I never understood why people hurt others. I felt so deeply for others that I would worry about them constantly. I felt like I could save them all. If I could just be kind, than I could make a world of difference to a person who was treated badly.  I looked at my words as weapons. I knew they could be destructive to someone’s life if I didn’t guard them. At what point did I stop being this way? At what point did the world harden the heart that God made soft. I wasn’t born this way. I was born with love for all people. As I grew up I realized that I couldn’t save everyone, so I stopped trying. I realized that if I was too open with people, they could use my openness to hurt me. So I stopped being open to those who didn’t earn my trust. I realized that no matter how kind I was to others, they would still be unkind to me. So I stopped being kind. I retaliated against evil with evil. I came to a point where I realized that the young, innocent girl that was so loved by many was now loathed. That young girl grew up to push people away instead of pulling them towards her. It hurts to look at myself. It hurts to see what I have become. I became the product of this world. A world that says to protect yourself and let others look out for themselves. Once I turned away from God, I stopped being what he created me to be. LOVE….ACCEPTANCE….TRUST….TRUTH. I became the world. I  became the one who hurts others. I became the one I was trying so hard to protect others from. I want to love others like a child. I want to have an unconditional love for everyone that God created. I don’t want to see my brothers and sisters as my foes. I want to see them as my blood in Christ. We are one in Christ!Image

Painting by Akiane Kramarik


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