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Keep on climbing….

If I had to describe marriage using a metaphor, I would say it is like a mountain climb. You start the climb with the best of intentions. So you’re climbing along, the sun is shining…..birds are chirping…things are going great. Then all of a sudden you look yonder and see storm clouds rolling in. “Wait a sec…not what I planned or was hoping for.” Well, you knew there was a chance of rain during your climb, but you hoped you would be the lucky one it didn’t happen to. However, here it is about to roll over your head. Isn’t that the way it goes in marriage? You have heard about everyone else’s problems, but those problems will never be your problems because you are SPECIAL! 🙂  You have the choice at this point to either stop climbing, or push through. Usually during the first storm, the choice is to push. However, after many storms, you are left wondering if this climb was even worth it. You forget why you started the climb to begin with because all you can focus on now is the fact that you are sick of fighting against the weather. You are wet….muddy and just want to give up. At this point, many people do give up. Some people will push through many storms while others will give up at the first loss of footing.  Why do they give up? One reason is a fear of falling and having to start the climb again. Another reason is just being tired and worn out.  People want to conquer the challenges of life without too much trouble. People will take on the challenge of a mountain climb….but only if it stays sunny. Only under their own terms will people carry out a challenge to the end. However, some people have very unrealistic terms. The fact of the matter is, you can plan a perfect climb by preparing and having all your gear. However, you cannot predict or control the weather.

So some folks might read that and ask “Why try? If there are going to be storms and I have no control than why should I make the effort?” What they fail to realize is that there is one who controls the storms. God! God has always had the power to control the weather, but no one has asked him to do so. Instead, people deal with the storms on their own which ultimately wears them down. Or, they run from the storms.

Marriage is full of many storms. However, it is not necessary for couples to face any storms alone. God says “I have control of the weather if you would only ask me for help. I can calm the storm. So if you find that you are in a marriage with difficulties, don’t try to conquer those challenges on your own. Don’t run from them. Say “God, I am climbing this mountain and the storm clouds are rolling in. I need you to push them away. If you can’t push them away, than at least shelter me while they pass by.”  Every mountain has a peak. It’s a beautiful sight when you reach the top and look down at everything you have accomplished. You and your partner can look back at all the times you slipped and smile because you never stopped going. When you do reach the top, never forget to thank God. Don’t forget the times when he turned rain into sunshine.


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