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Well, I am excited today to once again wake up and have the opportunity to write for my Lord. This is a luxury that many Christians take advantage of. Waking up! Some folks did not wake up this morning. I remember when I was about 8 years old; there was a gas leak in the apartment my family lived in. They say natural gas is odorless; however, I smelled something odd and alerted my parents.  I have always had a very sensitive nose. If anything in my own place smells “odd,” I have no problem with getting down on the floor and sniffing around for a good while until I find the source. Well, that night my nose saved my family’s life. I should say God saved my family’s life because he gave me this nose for a reason. Although I probably would have gone to heaven at that point, God was not done with me yet. He had something he wanted to do with my life. Would you believe that as an adult I once again sniffed out a natural gas leak at another home I was living in? It was a gas leak outside that was seeping into my children’s window due to the roots of the plant life in our yard breaking through the line. Or so I was told. That is two times God saved my life with this Toucan Sam nose of mine. He must really have a great purpose for me. He has a great purpose for all of us!


A lot of times people feel abandoned by God. Or maybe they have let sin into their life and it has placed a barrier between them and God. This happened to me as well. There was a point where I was not living my life for God and became completely numb. This has happened on more than one occasion unfortunately. However, God went the extra mile to show me that although I had moved, he was still where he had always been. I was standing in church with my aunt feeling sorrow. My sorrow was from the numbness I felt towards God. I thought he had given up on me at this point. As I listened to the message that was preached, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the lady sitting next to me kept looking over like she wanted to say something. She had this look on her face like something had come over her. Indeed it did. That something was the Holy Spirit. I cannot remember her exact words, but the message was clear. God wanted me to know that he had not given up on me.  He knew my pain at that moment and used this woman that I had never met to tell me this. She could never understand how badly I needed to hear those words. I had believed a lie. Satan is the master of lies and he had numbed me to the point that I could no longer feel for God. However, God unthawed me at that moment and gave me hope. He loves me! He really loves me! He didn’t have to go the extra mile to reach me, but he did. He could have waited for me to come to him, but he reached out. That is how much he loves us. God has no pride. We as humans will stop talking to those who offend us (GUILTY) and wait for them to come apologize or make the first move. However, God does not work that way. He wants so badly for us to be a part of his kingdom that he is willing to take a step towards us rather than waiting. Amen to the loving God we serve.


If you read this blog and it speaks to your heart, know that it is not by coincidence.  I have done some terrible things in my life. I have hurt people that I love which was the greatest shame for me. Everyday Satan whispers in my ear that I cannot have that relationship back with God. He reminds me every day of things I have done and puts doubt in me. However, God keeps speaking to me and through me. Even Jesus, the most perfect person to ever walk this earth was confronted with Satan’s lies. I look at it this way; the moments you are under attack are those moments when you are doing something right. Why should Satan attack those he already has a grasp on? It’s those he is losing that he comes after with full force. It’s those who can do the most to enhance God’s kingdom that he takes the most interest in. A pastor at my church described Satan best when he said that he is “like” a lion. He is not a lion, because if he were, he would devour you. However, he does not have that power. He stated “He is like a kitten with a megaphone.” We hear “RAWWWWRRR” and become frightened, when his power is really that of a wee whittle kitty (Pastor Jamal of Chapel Hill).

God has given each one of us unique gifts to use for his glory. He doesn’t bless us so we can bless ourselves. Many people play the lottery and say that they will give a large portion of money to charity if they win. Whether they will or not, God only knows. However, I have heard many people say “Why is it that the people who will do good deeds with the money never win?” I wondered that myself for a long time. Then came the answer! If you read the scripture you will find a quote from Jesus saying “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Why is it so hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God? Think about it. When do people call on God the most? In times of need! As people gain money and worldly success, they become more dependent on that money for happiness and less dependent on God, if at all. God can work better with someone who is humble and broken. A preacher at a church I used to attend said that his favorite place to preach was at funerals…..Broken and humble hearts. People were more willing to listen because they were hurting and looking for comfort. God sees the big picture that we are incapable of seeing. He knows what we have in store and nothing on this earth can compare to it. He asks us not to place such a big emphasis on worldly things which is like trying to grasp hold of the wind (Eccles).


God has a great purpose for us and this life is only a whisper. Once it is over, there is no chance to do it again. You must make the most of the time you have been given. Any moment you waste is a moment you are accountable for. So much suffering exists in this world and each one of us can have an impact on someone’s life. The best way to show others God’s love is to love them when they are not so loveable. That is a hard thing to do, but what God calls us to do. Don’t waste your time listening to Satan’s lies. Seek out God now as if tomorrow will never come. Seek him out as if you may not wake up tomorrow morning. Be thankful that he has given you another day….another chance.



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  1. James Baldridge said:

    Your most brilliant piece so far. You are wise far beyond your years. You make me so proud of you daughter!!

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